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Ashlee Ketchum - Member of the Year

Ashlee (left) receiving award from Joni Gilstrap, Acting Awards Chair

Ben French - Student Poster

Ben (right) is doing his clinical training at KRMC and Cabinet Peaks in Libby. His poster was on the effects of Biotin in laboratory tests.

Maria Rodriguez - Student of the Year

Maria (left) is doing her clinical training at Bozeman Deaconess.

Longevity Awards

From left to right: Renee Kloser (35 years), Lana Hamilton (30 years), Eleanor Harvey (15 years), Cara Bushmaker (10 years), Ashlee Ketchum (10 years)

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National Omicron Sigma Winners

Susie Zanto, Awards Committee Chair; Maria Rodriguez, Student Forum Chair; Holly Weinberg, Region VIII Director (not pictured)

Regional Omicron Sigma Winners

Joni Gilstrap, Region VIII Leadership Academy Coordinator and PAC Representative; Abu Drammeh, New Professional Representative to Membership Committee and member of the PPC; Abbey Wichman, IMSS General Chair; and Ashlee Ketchum, ASCLS-Montana President

State Omicron Sigma Winners

Del Simon, Tori Rensick, Cara Bushmaker, Anne Weber, Amy Steinmetz, Kay Rasmussen, Kelly Amidei

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