National ASCLS Letter to Congress

On March 22, 2020, ASCLS sent a letter to Congressional leadership and every member of the Senate and House of Representatives to 1) help educate Congress about the lack of resources and long term under-investment in clinical laboratories by the Congress as well as correct fundamental misunderstandings of the system for clinical laboratory testing that could lead to poor laws getting passed, and 2) raise awareness with the public about those same issues to pressure Congress to act on the two levers it has at its disposal: laws and appropriation of funds.


Please be prepared to contact your Congressmen and Senators to support the initiatives laid out in the letter.  To read the full letter, click here.

IMSS Update and Call for Social Chair

by Holly Weinberg, IMSS 2019 Program Chair

Another successful IMSS has wrapped up and now it’s time to look ahead to next year’s conference. The meeting this year was excellent and the venue was very well suited to our needs. Montana played a large role in putting this year’s IMSS together: Abbey Wichman, Sponsorship; Sherri Nichols, Silent Auction; Jennifer Wolcott, Registration; Susie Zanto, Publicity; Kelly Amidei, Exhibits; Dave Korkowski, Program Co-chair, and I was Program and Awards Chair. The 2020 Planning Committee is gearing up for the next conference and Dave Korkowski will represent Montana as the Program Chair and Abbey Wichman will be the P.A.C.E. Chair.

IMSS planning committees are setup to have a Chair for each committee who leads the effort for that year, plus a co-chair who helps the chair and learns their role for the next year when they transition to Chair. The purpose of the rotation is to mentor new chairs and support current chairs. Montana’s assigned Chair for 2021 is Social so we are now looking for a volunteer to serve as the Social Co-Chair for the 2020 conference, working with Mary Galindo of Utah who is the Social Chair.

What does the Social chair do? Social deals with arranging for food and beverage for the conference and planning networking events/activities. The Social committee works with the venue in planning menus so they work closely with Registration committee to keep abreast of registration numbers. They also plan the Friday evening social event – this year we did a selfie-scavenger hunt (thank you Susie and Jack Zanto for putting that together!) followed by a progressive dinner moving between 2 condos for various stages of the meal. It was great fun and a wonderful networking opportunity!

Here is a brief listing of the Social chair’s activities:

1. Arranges for food and drink at all functions to include sessions with the exhibitors, breaks, and other social activities. 
2. Plans a Social Activity for participants, usually on Friday evening. 
3. Schedules social events with the conference venue
4. If functions are held away from the main facility, arranges for transportation when necessary.
5. Provides decorations, if indicated, pertaining to the meeting theme.
6. Assists in obtaining door prizes.
7. Assists in obtaining materials for the registration bags.


If you’re interested in being a part of IMSS planning contact ASCLS-MT President Abbey Wichman HERE