Winter Hike
Winter 2022

This issue is packed with information to include:   

  • What's In a Name - President Holly Weinberg's message

  • Call for Nominations for ASCLS-MT positions

  • Save the Date - ASCLS-MT Spring Meeting May 5 - 7 in Great Falls

  • Poster Presentation by ASC:S-MT Treasurer Tori Rensink

  • Spotlight on Safety

  • PAC Updates

  • and so much more......

Fall 2021

This issue is packed with information to include:   

  • Urgent Legislative Issues

  • Legislative Symposium Leave Behinds

  • Empathy Fatigue, Compassion Fatigue, and Burnout by Cara Bushmaker

  • Spotlight on Safety - Pandemic Fatigue

  • Meet the MMLS Class of 2022

  • Did you miss IMSS?  Abbey Wichman is Region VIII Member of the Year

  • Upcoming Events

Raspberry Popsicles
Summer 2021


In this issue:   

  • ASCLS-MT President's Message

  • Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

  • Legislative Days

  • IMSS and Region VIII Leadership Academy

  • Information about proposed change to the ASCLS Board of Directors

  • Spotlight on Laboratory Safety

  • and so much more.....

Spring Roses
Spring 2021


In this issue:   

  • Spring Meeting Award Winners

  • Membership Awards


  • Spotlight on Laboratory Safety

  • and so much more.....

Winter Field
Winter 2021


This issue is packed with information, but some of the highlights include: 

  • The Power of Profession by Cara Bushmaker

  • 2020 AMTF Scholarship winner, Carli Dyba

  • Meet the 2020-2021 Montana MLS Class

  • National Scholarship and Awards information

  • Call for Nominations for ASCLS-MT Offices

  • COVID-19 Incident Command Experiences by Abbey Wichman

In this issue:

     President Wichman's Message

     ASCLS-MT Strategic Plan

     Spotlight on Lab Safety

     Meet 2020-21 MMLS Class members

In this issue:  

     ASCLS-MT 2019-2020 In Review

     Award Winners

     Lab Managers Respond to COVID-19 Questions

     The Hunt for a Vaccine Starts in Montana 

Inside this issue:

     LAB Act and the importance of membership

     Laboratory Safety section

     Awards and Scholarships announcement

     Nominations for ASCLS-MT offices are open

In this issue:

    President Bushmaker's message

    Scholarship opportunities

    Tiffany Ashworth's Student Poster

    Membership Information

    Michele Adams-Gov't Affairs Update

In this issue:

     2019 Awards

     Abstract on MERS-CoV

     Carbapenem Resistance - MT Public Health Lab

     Intermountain States Seminar 2019

     Outgoing President Message - Tori Rensink

In this issue:

    Spotlight on the Treasurer's Position-Anne Weber

    Candidates for ASCLS-MT Office

    President's Message - Tori Rensink

    Klebsiella pneumoniae technical article-RML

    Membership information


Fall 2018

In this issue:

     President's Message

     Workforce Shortage & Life Outside the Lab

     ASCLS Annual Meeting in Chicago

     Spotlight on the Board - President-Elect

In this issue:

     ASCLS-MT 2018 Strategic Plan

     Region VIII Updates

     ARC Antigen Exclusion Article

     ASCLS-MT 2018 Awards

In this issue:

     What is a Leader?

     Autoantibodies… and What Lies Beneath

     ASCLS-MT 2018 Spring Meeting

     Montana Medical Laboratory Science Program

     Region VIII Student Forum Leaders


In this issue:

     President's message

     Carbapenem Resistance from the MTPHL

     New method for ASCLS volunteer opportunities

     Save the date for ASCLS-MT Spring Meeting

     ASCLS legislative update: PAMA and the CLFS

In this issue:

     Spring Meeting Award Winners

     ASCLS-MT Newly Elected Officers

     ASCLS-MT Member Paper of the Year

In this issue:

     Spring Meeting Information

     Meet the MLS Students

     What's New in Region VIII

In this issue:

     Region VIII Leadership Academy

     What's New in Region VIII

     2016 ASCLS Annual Meeting Recap

In this issue:

     ASCLS-MT Award Winners

     Election Results

     Legislative Days Report

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