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Region VIII Leadership Academy Overview


The Region VIII Leadership Academy is designed to prepare ASCLS members for current and future leadership roles in the organization by providing a structured program of study of critical leadership topics.



1. Identify members with potential to become leaders in ASCLS and invest in their growth and development.

2. Provide these high-potential leaders with skills required to step into leadership positions within ASCLS.

3. Energize and grow ASCLS through strong leadership at all levels of the organization.

4. Increase the future leaders’ knowledge of ASCLS

For more information, refer to the full Region VIII Leadership Academy Overview and Application  document.

Region VIII Leadership Academy 2018-2019


ASCLS Region VIII congratulates graduates Kate DeAngelo of Twin Falls, Idaho (pictured with Coordinators Joni Gilstrap and Holly Weinberg) and Jordan Smith of Laramie, Wyoming.


kate r8 leadership academy.jpg
Region VIII Leadership Academy 2017-2018
2018 R8LA Graduation.JPG
Graduation in Chicago, July 2018
Escape Room Team Building
Region VIII Leadership Academy 2016-2017
R8LA Class of 2016-2017
Starting the class at Jackson Hole
Graduation in San Diego
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