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In addition to providing networking, publications, continuing education, and high professional standards, ASCLS recognizes members who help make this society work. The Society presents state, regional, and national awards each year at annual meetings. Some members are nominated for awards; others may apply to receive awards.  ASCLS-MT currently awards the Member of the Year, Student of the Year, and Student Poster of the Year. Zara Cornelius and Kelsy Diekhans re the current members of the ASCLS-MT Awards and Scholarship Committee.

2022 Award Winners
The following national awards will be presented at the ASCLS
Awards Ceremony being held June 2022 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
ASCLS Constituent Member of the Year Recognition:
Holly Weinberg
ASCLS Website Award:

The following awards were presented at the ASCLS-MT 2022
Awards Ceremony held during the Annual Meeting in Great Falls
on May 6, 2022.

Member of the Year: 
Holly Weinberg

Student Member of the Year
Heather Wilson, St James 
This award was sponsored by Xtant Medical

Student Poster of the Year: 
Brian Teats, Bozeman Health Deaconess
Psoriasis:  Pathogenesis, Treatment, and Emerging
Laboratory Testing

This award was sponsored by Western Microscopes
Key to the Future:   
Anna Adams

National Omicron Sigma Awards: 

Regional Omicron Sigma Awards: 

Holly Weinberg, Superior

Sadie Arnold, Billings

Cara Bushmaker, Hamilton (not pictured)

Jennifer Wolcott, Billings

Terah Rash, Helena

Emily Haight, Billings (not pictured)

State Omicron Sigma Awards: 

Cara Bushmaker, Hamilton (not pictured)

Abbey Wichman, Lewistown

Tori Rensink, Belgrade

Kay Rasmussen, Bozeman

Anna Adams, Missoula

Jennifer Wolcott, Billings

Sherri Nichols, Wise River

Zanna Hartrich, Lewistown (not pictured)

Anne Tate, Bigfork

Maria Rodriguez, Bozeman (not pictured)

Tiffany Ashworth, Helena (not pictured)

Susie Zanto, Helena

Longevity Awards:

45 year members:       Bill Schulz, Helena

                                  John Daehn, Helena

35 year member:         Sonja Ray, Cut Bank  (pictured)

15 year members:       Tori Rensink, Belgrade

                                  Erika Jaegers, Trout Creek

                                  Brenden Collins, Billings

5 year members:         David Korkowski, Big Sandy

                                  Jennifer Wolcott, Billings

                                  Kelly Amidei, Billings

                                  Debbie Pratt, Lewistown

                                  Zanna Hartrich, Lewistown

                                  Alison Mizner, Bozeman

                                  Jennifer Yates, Chester

Anna Adams,
Key to the Future

Anna Adams KTF.jpg
Heather Wilson Student.jpg
Holly Weinberg Member of Year.jpg

Heather Wilson, Student of the Year, presented by Carli Dyba and Jen Wolcott

Holly Weinberg,
Member of the Year

Region OS.jpg

Regional Omicron Sigma Award Winners

Sonja Ray 35 year.jpg

Sonja Ray

35 year member of ASCLS, presented by Sadie Arnold

2022 State OS.jpeg
Award Winners

Brian Teats, Student Poster of the Year, presented by Carli Dyba and Jen Wolcott

Brian Teats Poster of Year.jpg
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